About Us

Yuvapath is a non governmental organization to help to improve the living standard of youth. Yuvapath is the best NGO in India. Established in 2015 to provide help at any moment to youths. Yuvapath holds the hand of youth to grow and become a successful citizen of rising India. Yuvapath means “way of youths” Yuvapath has grown in both scale and scope with the objectives of “sit together” “think together” “work together” for a revolutionary change in our growing youths. Yuvapath mainly focused on creating a strong base for youths, who will help india in future. holding the hand of Yuvapath, youths will grow rapidly. Yuvapath works for youths with some great work objectives. The objective of Yuvapath to work on PESTELW.

Our Objective

P- Political Awareness
E- Economical Establishment
S- Social Awareness
T- Technology
E- Environmental Issues
W- women Empowerment