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Best NGO For Youth

While the outbreak of coronavirus has impacted our health infrastructure, it is important to prevent transmission lockdown has had a deep-rooted impact on the socio-economic conditions of the country. To alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable, Best NGO For Youth|the Government of India has made the first important intervention by announcing a package of ₹ 20 crore lakh and later by launching Cares PM.

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But even with the Indian government allocates large enough quantities to fight the C19, there will still be pockets of the needs that the government may not be possible to be able to fill. That is where a variety of fundraising activities and missions run by Yuva street could play a catalyst for a huge impact.

Yuva path

In a disaster, a lot of effort and focus thrown on rescue and relief work, but more often than we think, rehabilitation takes a back seat and running short of funds. Most attempts C-19 also will be in the same row but Yuva Vision Street collectives continue to work in the field and come up with strategies for dealing with the rehabilitation of families COVID-hit over the medium term, Best NGO For Youth long after the relief work more, through a structure that facilitates it happened , With this broader picture, Yuva The road runs forward towards large scale provides for the collective efforts of the Government of India.

We welcome Cares PM with all humility and gratitude. However, we will continue and double down our fundraising efforts and supporting our non-profit partners who have been working tirelessly on the ground to achieve the measures of assistance to the oppressed and those who live in remote and underdeveloped areas. Transfer the framework of the direct beneficiaries of our aid us in reaching even those who may not be eligible for government schemes and benefits.

Yuva Line stands strong in the time-united with nonprofit partners and donors reliable, continuously and scale fund-raising efforts. Every contribution to help vulnerable communities cope with the impacts of Coronavirus is of equal importance and gravity.

Ration Distribution

Side effects of the spread of the virus and lockdown that has been so broad and deep that there is no dearth of life needs to be supported. Along with the PM Cares, a variety of other fundraising activities and mission Yuva Road has great potential and capacity to enforce them millions of lives that need our support now.

Objective first mission to provide hygiene kit and basic provisions for poor families, elderlies abandoned, cancer patients etc. The second mission is to support the receiving daily wages that have been stranded without work and homeless with support for cash to feed their families and take care of other important such as rent.

In the last two weeks of our fundraising efforts, we have been able to raise more than 6 crores and we aim to impact the lives of over 13 lakh. Not only do we work with our trusted non-profit organization that does an outstanding job on the ground by distributing relief measures and reach out to beneficiaries, but we also engage in direct cash transfer to beneficiaries.

NGO partners on the ground

Along with our NGO connects us with the basis and beneficiaries through their research, we also have built up a process through which people can connect us to recipients who need assistance measures. Yuva Path Check the beginning of the end we are VoterID and Ration card verification. In the case of refugees or immigrants, we received a UNHCR card as proof of identification.

Our first round of the melting has occurred and we are now sharing updates impact on our social media channels. Here is a touching video-sneak-peek into the base that is being done by our real heroes of our NGO partners. Something to put a smile on your face and help you be sure that your contribution will reach those who need it.

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