YUVA PATH :- The strength of youths

The situation of youth in India is a bit strange. The place that the youth should have met politically, fondly, socially is untouched by it. Such a situation is seen in many countries of the world. The wishes of the youth are suppressed, their priorities are kept aside, their freedom is being curbed, so nowadays youths all over the world have started resorting to movements. Due to all these disappointments, today’s young generation is being filled with dissatisfaction.
The worm of discontent has started growing in the heart of a child since childhood. Fearing defeat, fear of not fulfilling wishes, fear of being suppressed, his mood is becoming such that he has started to see every action negatively.

This dissatisfaction is set to reach the climax in his life, There are feelings that “I have not been able to get even more marks even after bringing 90 per cent, I have not been able to have fun despite having thousands of rupees in my pocket, I am beautiful but not as fair as any other, I got my job in a multinational company but Privileges are a little less. ”This worm called discontent has intensified and is being consumed within the young generation today, no matter how young the country is.
The consequences of this are only harmful which we are seeing in young people as irritation, depression, criminal symptoms. There is no one else in the youth who has these negative feelings but the diplomatic truth of our world today.

A good person for the disease of dissatisfaction has struggled to live a dim life. He has become mentally accustomed to negative thinking. Due to our country’s diplomacy, he is dissatisfied with all political parties. He is forced to cope with the stigma of unemployment due to literacy, from small dreams due to rising inflation, from being able to breathe less in the air of freedom. That is why he is forced to take the wrong step. Terrorism, terrorism, rebellion, corruption are all a sample of people dissatisfied with some diplomacy in the country. In the political environment, the Congress-ruled India, but it never managed to get the youth their rightful place.
this is the reason why we started yuva path.

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